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About me.

Hi – my name is Davor, and I’m a passionate graphic designer and gamer. In my career, I have worked on many interesting projects where I could apply my problem-solving skills.


As a matter of fact, some years ago I started working in a printing company, with very little graphic design experience, and I worked my way to the top. I was one of the team leaders at Cards Print. There, I proposed and implemented new ideas such as 3D models of products and expo booths, and I managed to enhance visuals of the products, websites, print ads, and newsletter campaigns. The part that I’m proud of is that with no previous experience operating on large-scale printing machines, I managed to figure out how those machines run and even to train employees to use them. When I mixed business and pleasure, it was the right combination for me.


Other than that, I’ve designed and created characters for games, and I’ve enjoyed the process of bringing life into them. It was one of the most exciting experiences, seeing the bigger picture of the work, and adding my ideas to the mix.


I aim to connect my passion and profession into one, and the gaming industry is where it is for me.